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Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Imprinted concrete is a very durable surface that many homeowners across Lancashire are starting to have laid in preference to block paving. Although it is considered one of the most hardwearing surfaces and is widely used to lay driveway and patios, it does not mean that any aspect of ongoing maintenance should not be undertaken.

If the imprinted concrete is not maintained on a reasonably regular basis the surface seal can start to wear away and the original colour can begin to fade. Excessive wear can cause parts of the concrete to break away. We have seen this many times on concrete driveways and patios in Lancashire in towns such as Southport, Wigan, Blackpool and Bolton.

What is most important for any imprinted concrete surface in Lancashire is that if the concrete starts to lose some of its original colouring, we can re-seal using matched colour tints to bring back your patterned imprinted concrete driveway or patio to what it looked like when first laid.

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The stages for imprinted concrete cleaning and sealing are detailed below:

Stage 1: The pattern imprinted concrete is always pressure cleaned using a powerful pressure washer to make sure any muck, dirt or algae is cleaned of the surface of the concrete. Any oil stains should also be treated at this stage so they can easily be removed by pressure washing.

Stage 2: Cracks and small concrete repairs should be carried out at this stage using crack repair compound from Smartseal. Small hairline cracks should be left unfilled as they are generally too fine to put any material in. These can be ‘flooded’ with sealer to stop them getting any worse.

Stage 3: If there has been substantial colour fading of the concrete over time, we can put matching colour pigments in with the clear concrete sealant prior to application. It normally requires at least two coats of coloured concrete sealer to ensure the colour is matched and an even coating is applied to the surface.

Stage 4: On the second or last coat of concrete sealer we normally add an anti-slip agent if required.

Most of the imprinted concrete sealing we do is for homeowners in Bolton, Preston, Burnley, Bamber bridge, Leyland, Fulwood, Longton, New Longton, Croston, Euxton, Eccleston, Chorley, Abbey village, Withnell, Charnock Richard, Hoghton, Heskin, Walton-le-Dale, Whittle-le-Woods, Lostock hall and Blackburn.

We do however carry out imprinted concrete cleaning and sealing for commercial clients across Lancashire including schools and colleges, restaurants, hotels and public houses.

If you live in Lancashire and would like a quote for imprinted concrete cleaning and sealing, please call 07565 104207 or fill in our online enquiry form with your request.